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My Vicarious Adventure…

This year my summer holiday budget is £0 and except for perhaps a day trip to Beverley, though after several caravanning holidays there as a child – one particular time involving sunstroke, a sausage roll and a public display of vomitting springs to mind (I hope the sausage roll wasn’t from Thomas’s, what a waste) – I am largely confined to a 10 mile radius of Hull (which can actually be quite nice when the weather permits and I do love raiding the charity shops of Beverley, hmmm…) I thought it might be fun to enjoy the world vicariously through books and films and TV (mini series only perhaps). It also means my holiday could last months, or even years. Hurrah!! And I don’t even need to pack which does sadden me a little as I do enjoy writing a nice list that I can tick off as I neatly fold and place everything into my bag. Anyway, criteria is only that the said book/film/TV series be set in that place or at least the majority of it. Anyone who wishes to come with me will be very welcome!

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